What Is Content Management System? And Which CMS Platform Is Best For Your Business?

To have a website of our business is must in this tech-world. Before the CMS, people use to hand code their website on their local computers and used FTP program to moves the files to the web server and it is available on the website. If the modification is required then they had to go through the whole process again. As the old method is no longer feasible, some people think out of the box and came up with an idea of WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. All three are the best CMS platform service provider and are proficient at their place.

Before we move forward what is Content Management System (CMS)?

CMS is an application that provides all necessary tool to manage online content or an application that supports the creation and customization of digital content. A web content includes text, graphics, videos, audio, photos, maps, and program code.

Hire CMS Developers

One of the most significant features of having CMS is that user does not need technical expertise to create web pages and to upload & modify content. CMS allow the admin user to set the content as per the requirements and apart from these no software installation is requires from the client as it directly accessible through web browser. All you need to do is to begin the work of website.

Based on the statistic, one of the most popular CMS platforms is WordPress which is used in the majority of all website on the internet. Other popular CMS platforms are Drupal and Joomla. All three platforms have their own pros and cons. So, how you are supposed to choose which one is right for you? See your requirements for your project and then choose which fits best for your project or you can hire CMS developers.

The popularity of this platform is gradually increasing and it’s famous among all CMS platforms because it is easy to handle and customize. If you are from the non-technical background or if you do not have expertise then WordPress is the best fit for you to create your own website. As the WordPress script is open source, you are free to use it for any project or business, which make it extraordinary and highly customizable platform.

With this platform, you can choose your own theme and create the blog post, web pages and much more. There are numbers of themes available for your website match in free and paid version. Free themes come up with some limitations and paid premium theme enables more customized design and layout option.

Want to hire WordPress developers?

Joomla is similar to WordPress- but bit more complex and less comprehensive & advance then Drupal. The interface of Joomla is cleaner and its menus are expanded, so easy to get around the platform in comparison to WordPress. It can be used to create any website i.e. small to the mid-tier e-commerce website. Joomla has some designs and templates that can give your site a unique and fascinating look but when it comes to creating a social network, Joomla offers the easiest solution out of all three.

Compared with WordPress it is not easy to use but it also ranks high among the popularity of CMS. An abundance of resources available, including programmer’s tools and tutorials to get started with Joomla website.

Want to hire Joomla developers?

In terms of complexity, Drupal is more comprehensive than WordPress and Joomla. To use to its full potential, one must have knowledge of HTML and PHP to create the website and moreover, it is viewed as CMF (Content Management Framework) rather than CMS. This platform perfectly fit large scale business or project whose significant elements are scalability, power, and stability. Its interface is difficult to use and many of the tasks are performed using the command line, leading to a steep learning curve.

Want to hire Drupal developers?

All three CMS platforms are open source, so need to pay a cent to buy the license. To opt the right CMS platform is a tedious task for a non-technical background person. To overcome, hire dedicated CMS developers who can scrutinize your project, see your project requirements and then choose CMS platform wisely which can proliferate your business. Keep in mind, in order to take maximum advantage of CMS platform hire a proficient developer.


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